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Statistics is a separate stream of sciences deals with collection, managing, manipulation and interpretation of data. This subject is very useful for research related purposes.It is concerned with all types of manipulation of data collection and interpretation. Sometimes it is also defined as a branch of mathematics statistics. Statistics is used to summarize and arranging the available data collected from various sources.

Statistics-HomeworkSometimes statistics is also defined as a sub-ordinate branch of mathematics due to uses of methamatical elements and formulas. Although statistics covers a wide range of manipulation but its some well-known tests and theorems are Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Chi-square test, Correlation, Factor analysis, Mann–Whitney U, Mean square weighted deviation (MSWD), Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Regression analysis, Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, Student’s t-test and Time series analysis.

Statistics has many sub-disciplines including Actuarial science, Applied information economics, Biostatistics, Business statistics, , chemometrics, Chemometrics (for analysis of data from chemistry), Data mining (applying statistics and pattern recognition to discover knowledge from data), , Demography, , Econometrics, Energy statistics, Engineering statistics, environmental statistics, , Epidemiology, geochemistry, Geography and Geographic Information Systems (specifically in Spatial analysis), , geo-statistics, hydrogeology, hydrology, Image processing, meteorology, oceanography, operations research (or operational research), petroleum geology, population ecology, , Psychological statistics, psychometrics, quality control, quantitative psychology, Reliability engineering, Social statistics, statistical finance (econophysics), statistical mechanics, statistical physics and statistical thermodynamics.

Statistics is used in various researches and education fields like engineering, biology, geography, economics, finance, insurance, biochemistry, demography, Quantitative psychology, process control, probability, econophysics and thermodynamics.

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