SPSS-Homework-Help-ExpertsSPSS s a computer software/program concerned with statistical analysis. SPSS is an abbreviated term for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It was developed by Norman H. Nie and C. Hadlai Hull in 1968 at Stanford University as Norman Nie was a science postgraduate in the university and was working on a research project. Now he is Research Professor at the University of Chicago. SPSS is the most frequently used software for statistical analysis in social sciences and is used by education researchers, students, government, marketing organizations, market researchers, survey companies, health researchers and others.

SPSS is a very useful and popular statistical analysis software. Our experts provide homework and assignment help with different kind of SPSS works.SPSS was developed for research and manipulation and computation on the base of statistics. Its initial version had basic functionalities and test of statistics such as cross tabulation, descriptive, frequencies, descriptive ratio statistics, means, correlation (including bivariate, partial, distances), ANOVA, t-test and nonparametric tests, linear regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis (two-step, K-means and hierarchical) and discriminate. Previously it was distributed by PASW (Predictive Analysis Software) Statistics but later in 2009 all copyrights and rights were acquired by IBM and now it is a part of IBM.

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SPSS has several Add-ons to enhance its efficiency and usability. Some of them are.

SPSS Advanced Models: It was a core utility till SPSS 14 but later it was removed from the core part and now is available as add-on. It helps in multivariate GLM and repeated measures ANOVA.

SPSS classification Trees: helps to create classification and decision tree to identify the groups and predicting behavior.

SPSS Complex Samples: It was added in SPSS 12. It is used to make adjustment for stratification and clustering and other samples.

SPSS Data Validation: Allows programming for logical checks and reporting of suspicious values.

SPSS Exact Tests: is a utility for statistical testing on small samples

SPSS Programmability Extension: given facility of programming control of SPSS

SPSS Regression Model: extends SPSS abilities for logistic regression, multinomial logistic regression, ordinal regression and mixed models.

SPSS Table: facilities user defined control on output of reports.

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Besides this, SPSS Server is a different version of SPSS with server architecture and comes with extra features which are not available in desktop/laptop version such as scoring functions (But now it has been included in SPSS 19).

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